Steven Cavanah

Large Format Photography Darkroom


Steven Cavanah is a resident of Plant City, FL, a second generation Conch raised in Marathon, FL and a graduate of the University of Miami with a mechanical engineering degree and a mathematics minor.   He will tell you that just as his mind belongs to engineering, his soul is drawn to nature and photography.  Inspired by the works of Ansel Adams and Clyde Butcher, he found the perfect combination of technical and artistic qualities in large format photography.

Just as his landscapes connect us to the simplicity of nature, Steven’s large format photography harkens back to a simpler time. In a complete departure from the digital world, his process is analog from start to finish.  Using technology and techniques developed in the 1800’s he crafts fine art silver gelatin prints in his darkroom. 

After relocating to Plant City, FL in 2015 Steven now explores the natural wonders of the Central and West Florida area.  Rivers, streams, pastures and prairies are all fascinating to a kid who grew up on an island.

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