Steven Cavanah

Large Format Photography Darkroom


The darkroom features a 12 foot long sink and two enlargers. The Omega D5XL dichroic enlarger offers easy contrast control for 35mm up to 4″x5″ film. A Durst Laborator 184 handles negatives up to 10″x10″ and can project onto the wall for mural prints. Easels, trays and archival washer can handle up to 20×24 prints. I have created processes for handling mural size prints up to 42″x60″. The Epson V700 film scanner is available to scan negatives up to 8×10.

Please note that the darkroom is for black and white film / prints only and is not suited for color processing.

Please fill out the form below or contact me at with your contact info and your past experience in the darkroom. I’ll work with you to tailor your starting point based on your experience level.

Darkroom Rental
Chemicals are included. Paper is available for purchase.
$15 per hour

Darkroom Classes
These classes are great for beginners as an introduction to film or as a refresher if you’ve worked in a darkroom before.

Introduction to Film – $160
Welcome to the wonderful world of film photography! All supplies are provided. This course consists of three parts.
1. The Camera
Included is a loaner 35mm camera with a roll of film. We will walk through how the controls work, how to load the camera and how to calculate exposure. You will finish the class ready to shoot your first roll of film.
2. The Negative
Now that you have shot a roll of film let’s develop it. We’ll work through the different processes and techniques of developing film.
3. The Print
Time to put those negatives on paper. You will learn how to use the enlarger while we a print two of your favorite shots.

Advanced Darkroom Techniques – $60
You will learn advanced techniques such as dodging/burning and contrast control. Bring your difficult-to-print or your favorite negatives and we will put them on paper. Paper and chemicals are included.

Hourly Instruction –  $35 per hour
I’ll work alongside you in the darkroom. This is especially helpful when first getting started or when working on advanced techniques. Paper is not included.

Tax included in all prices. All sales are made through CAVANAH DARKROOM LLC.